We have decades of experience in designing innovative concepts and developing functioning prototypes of consumer products and can provide assistance with patents, trademarks, licensing, and copyright matters.

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gCAP® Technology

Utility Holder For Headwear

PC Design World | USA product design for product_gcap.jpg

gCAP® Technology is a ground breaking solution for headwear that firmly secures and protects eyewear and other items from falling off and becoming lost or damaged

This patented technology is a superior and convenient holding mechanism for eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, prescription glasses, pens, pencils, golf tees, and small tools such as screw drivers, pliers, laser pointers, small flash lights on a variety of headwear.

We designed, developed and produced several production prototypes of the various designs.


Gravity Defying Photo Frames

PC Design World | USA product design for product_newton.jpg

What goes up must come down, unless it's NEWTON™ the patented Floating Photo Cube. Suspended in mid-air, the mystifying photo cube contradicts the laws of gravity.

400K units were sold within 2 years world wide, substantiating the success of this product.

We provided the conceptual designs, manufacturing specifications and functional prototypes of the various production models.


Fiber Optic MIDI Cable

PC Design World | USA product design for product_optimizer.jpg

Another PC Design World original is the MIDI-Optimizer™, a fiber optic MIDI cable which exceeds the 50 foot limit of conventional wire cables.

This compact and efficient design eliminates the need for external power supplies or batteries and easily handles 100% error-free MIDI data transmission up to 200 feet (63 meters).

We designed and developed the MIDI-Optimizer and produced several functioning prototypes.


Chronograph Designs

PC Design World | USA product design for product_clocks_all.png

The TimeLine™ series breaks with traditional clock designs and opens a new world of chronographic styling.

We designed, developed and produced functional prototypes of the TimeLine Series. These are just a few examples of the virtually endless variations.


Infrared MIDI Sampler

PC Design World | USA product design for product_equator.jpg

The InfraMIDI EQUATOR™ is the world's first MIDI-based smart infrared (IR) sampling module. Enabling complex sequencing of multiple IR devices such as VCRs, DVD & CD players, DATs, slide projectors and more.

PC Design World designed the electronics, operating system software, and the industrial design for the EQUATOR and produced several functional prototypes.

Throughout the project we also contributed patented designs and accessories such as PowerMIDI capability and other user-friendly features.